What Is ZyngBike?

Ride The World

ZyngBike was created to help passionate cyclists learn and discover new places to ride around the world. “Ride The World” is our motto because we know how amazing traveling and riding new places mean to us.


Anytime you travel to somewhere new you can easily spend days and dozens of hours researching. The best part about ZyngBike is that we have done the heavy lifting for you. All of our location details are hand crafted by bike geeks that understand the local riding culture.


One of our goals is to connect you with other passionate cyclists that love to travel the world. We want to create a community that we can share our experiences and even take trips together. Follow us on FaceBook to get notified when we open our ZyngBike community.

Got Location?

Is there somewhere in the world you would love to go ride and learn more about? Please let us know where you want to travel next! Send us a message and we’ll put it on our list of locations to add.

Beta Mode

The site will be in Beta Mode until we believe the user experience is dialed in. YOUR feedback and suggestions are important to help us decide what features and content we create. If you find any bugs please accept our apology and let us know so we can make ZyngBike an awesome experience that you love!

Zyng Is For You

Your feedback is very important to us because we are building this website for you! If you have any suggestions, likes, or dislikes PLEASE share it with us so we can continue to make our website and social media accounts more engaging and interesting.