Review: Michelin Power Gravel 35mm and 40mm Tires — At The Finish

Michelin Power Gravel 35mm and 40mm Tires: At The Finish- by Guitar Ted with N.Y. Roll

The Michelin line of gravel tires is fairly new and we were curious as to what this well known brand had cooked up for riders of off-pavement roads and trails. The tires have been used and tested thoroughly, so we have a final word on these treads now. The older posts are linked here for your convenience. Please check those out for technical specs and more on initial set up and use. One more thing- the Power Gravel tires do come in a cyclo cross friendly size which we think would make a great “grass course” tire, in case you were wondering about that. Now on to our final review of the other two Power Gravel tire sizes.

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