Continental goes tubeless with new Grand Prix 5000 road tire

The original Grand Prix first hit the market 14 years ago, and Continental has obviously learned a few things in that time. Not surprisingly, then, the company claims the new Grand Prix 5000 is better than the latest Grand Prix 4000 S II in every key performance metric. It’s supposedly faster with 12% less rolling resistance; more durable with a 20% boost in puncture protection; 10g lighter (for the 700x25c tube-type size); and even offers a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Continental builds the Grand Prix 5000 with a three-ply, 330tpi (total) nylon casing, augmented with a more finely woven Vectran breaker belt and a new elastomeric casing element (dubbed Active Comfort Technology) that somehow damps road vibration without introducing any speed-robbing hysteresis effects.

Continental’s trademark Black Chili compound hasn’t been left alone, either. In addition to using the latest formulation, the Grand Prix 5000’s shoulder tread now gets a subtle laser-etched texture that the company says provides superb cornering grip straight out of the box — basically the equivalent of pre-scuffing a new tire. And as a bonus, that texturing supposedly also helps oncoming air flow more smoothly around the tire casing for reduced aerodynamic drag.

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